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nutrition coach from validus fitness

Meet Steph!

My name is Steph Hopkins and I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I developed a passion for nutrition while experiencing my own fat loss transformation after my daughter was born. After reaching a point where I was so fed up with using food as a coping mechanism, feeling tired, out of shape and anxious, I decided that for the first time in my life, I would actually commit to going to a gym. It wasn’t until I started learning about nutrition that I began to see amazing results. I lost over

15% body fat and eventually decided to change careers in order to help others also experience transformational nutrition.

I pride myself in my holistic approach, realizing that we are fed by so much more than what’s on our plate, but also by our thoughts, the information we consume and the people we surround

ourselves with.

Nutrition packages

free consultation

Your nutrition contributes greatly to your fitness results, so it only makes sense to make sure

you are fuelling your body appropriately to meet your goals. Book a free, 15 minute appointment

with me to learn how nutrition coaching can help you.

Nutrition Foundations

In our one hour session, we will review your current nutrition system as well as your personal

health history. We will establish a vision and set both short and long term goals. We will

determine ways in which we will measure progress and will create an individualized nutrition

plan which includes a flexible meal plan and lifestyle habits that will lead you to achieving your


We will also have a half hour follow up session scheduled 2-4 weeks after the first, to check in

and make any revisions to your nutrition plan, if needed.


Follow up sessions

In follow up sessions I can continue to provide you with nutrition education that will help guide

you towards achieving your goals. We can take measurements (example: in-body scan),

discuss progress, revise goals, revise methods for achieving goals, make meal plan changes or

address ways to overcome obstacles.

To contact Steph directly about nutrition, fill out the below!

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